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#DMAFB | I'm no counsellor, but I promise to listen to you

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I'm no counsellor, but I promise to listen to you

Southwark, London, United Kingdom

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Dear Friends, and fellow Everyday Heroes,

We are all stuck on this boat together.

As the graphic shows, new research from the Scouts indicates that better listening, and listening more often, are the keys to a more cohesive society and a better working environment.

Given that, I know what it's like to be unheard. So I want to lend you my ears.

I'm just a human being, I'm not trained counsellor, but I can listen to whatever you have to say without judgment,  if you feel you are invisible and no one is listening to you.

So if you want to talk, grab a drink, laugh, express yourself, cry, speak up and get in touch with me.

And you don't need to be in the same city as me either - reach out and we can set up a call.



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  • London, United Kingdom
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