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#DMAFB | JOGL Open Source Face Mask Challenge

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JOGL Open Source Face Mask Challenge

Paris, France

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Hey folks πŸ‘‹πŸ˜· With the OpenCovid19 Initiative, we are currently running an open-source face mask challenge to identify all existing designs out there and have them evaluated by the global community and experts. πŸ‘‰The goal: Validate the really good designs and send them to manufacturers for production. The good news? We have already gathered more than 50 open source designs! Now is the time to review all of them! πŸ™Œ To meet the rapid demand we've developed a very simple community assessment tool for design concepts. The survey below will randomize the designs and we ask that you assess at least the first 10 on your unique list (you can do more if you like!). By randomizing we can harness the power of the community to get reviews on all the designs without overburdening people. Please review the designs using the following criteria definitions and you'll just answer YES or NO to each: EFFECTIVE: Do you think the device will do its intended job well? MATURE: Do you think the device is mature enough to go to manufacture or deployment quickly? SIMPLE: Is the design focused on its essential behavior, minimizing unnecessary complexity? DURABLE: Will the device hold up to regular intended use? COMFORTABLE: Could it be worn by a care provider for a prolonged period? MISSING INFORMATION: Unable to sore for any reason TO REVIEW THE DESIGN: Go to the spreadsheet located at: Use the DESIGN ID (not the spreadsheet row) πŸ‘‰BE SURE TO HIT SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM OR IT WON'T SAVE! πŸ‘‰-- DEADLINE: SATURDAY 28th MARCH!! --

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