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#DMAFB | Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Do Me A Favour Buddy (DMAFB) is a community of people committed to helping each other get stuff done, and bringing ideas to life. In order to make it a safe and fun experience, as a DMAFB member, you must agree to follow these rules:

  1. Be Nice – Yes, we know that sounds simple to say, but it’s a core value to us. Our community is based on relationships demonstrated by trustworthy cooperation, and communication. We only ask that when you interact with someone, you keep it transparent, honest, and respectful. Don’t contact other DMAFB members for dates – we will consider this harassment. Don’t post hateful, obscene or offensive content. Don’t post copyrighted material without permission. If you don’t like a Favour that has been posted or disagree with another user, don’t “Hulk out”– keep it moving! Maintaining the respect for others is essential for a fruitful community.

    We do encourage members to work together to resolve any issues or disputes in a polite manner. Working together is a great way to understand other viewpoints and learn character qualities like empathy and generosity.

    As we said: Be Nice.

  2. Be Reliable – Agreeing to do a Favour requires commitment, so please uphold your side of the bargain by getting the job done at the highest quality once you have been assigned to it. We understand that life can be unpredictable and that at times, you may need to reschedule your activities. We ask that you kindly give adequate notice and make every effort to communicate this to the member you are due to help – they may be counting on you.

    Please complete all Favours that are assigned to you only, and no other members. Do not outsource Favours assigned to you to a third party, company or competitor.

    Don’t try and be a hero by agreeing to perform Favours you don’t have the qualifications and tools to provide. You’ll get found out!

    Overall, try to deliver an experience that meets the expectations of the member you are due to help.

  3. Be Clear and Concise – Communication is key, ask any relationship counselor. Please be as detailed as possible in your Favour description without waffling. Upload media if it helps to describe a Favour. Please set appropriate expectations: this helps other members determine if they have the skills and tools required to complete the Favour. No one likes surprises that are not of the party variety.

  4. Do Not Spam – Please don’t turn this site into a mass of link-bait, bots, and/or unbearable promotion of businesses or products. Please don’t cut-and-paste Requests, Offer, Notes, Rants or other content. You will only drown out the focus on the real folk that genuinely need help.

  5. Do Not Charge for Your Services – DMAFB is a community for the exchange of Favours. Asking for money is not allowed.

  6. Do Not Create Multiple Profiles – The profile that you create is the only one that you may have. Don’t share your login credentials with any other person or non-human.

    Please remember your reputation helps build trust within our platform – please represent yourself truthfully, please do not use your profile to dupe others, or conduct nefarious activities, etc.

  7. Do Not Be Greedy – We get it: this platform may open up possibilities to get things done that have been weighing you down for a while, or give life to ideas you thought would never come to fruition – That’s why we are here. But other users aren’t your slaves: no one is obligated to fulfill your Request, or accept your Offer, and completion of a Favour is not guaranteed. Reciprocation and a track history of helping others will increase the likelihood that someone will want to help you, so make the effort. Please.

  8. Be Our Eyes and Ears – Any community is only as strong as the commitment of the people inside it. DMAFB is self-moderating. Always be aware of your safety by carefully reading profiles, and help others make good decisions by leaving points (or not as the case may be) and Reviews after completion of a Favour.

    Above all else, we want to make sure that DMAFB is a safe and fun place to get stuff done and bring ideas to life. If something seems suspicious, please flag or report it to us. We will follow up on every report we receive, and take action when we see someone violating these guidelines. This could lead to suspension of an account, or being banned from the site. For more information, please visit the section on Safety and Trust.

  9. Be Proactive – Try to respond promptly to other members and notifications to perform an action (no one likes to be ignored). Maintain a high completion rate of Favours you are assigned to. Maintain a high response rate when confirming completion of a Favour, awarding points and leaving Reviews.

    If your points trail in the minuses for more than a 2 month period with no signs of activity, it may result in suspension of your account, or outright removal from the DMAFB community. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

    Please get in contact with us if there is a functionality you would like to see on DMAFB, we promise to consider every suggestion.

    Any community is only as good as the participation of its members. Invite your friends and family to DMAFB so they will have a simple and easy way to get help with things and bring ideas to life.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and being a part of our community!